Florida Council of Private Schools


  • No interference in the autonomy of the school
  • Results – oriented
  • Open mind to innovation
  • Desire to approve quality achievement without unduly questioning the process
  • Avoid unnecessary burdens and expenses

…is not the number of students
…is not the number of tools
The Bottom Line is to confirm that the Process & Product Are Worthy of Recognition!



  1. God is the eternal Creator, Sustainer, and Provider of all things. He created all things in the universe in the six literal days of creation week.
  2. Jesus Christ is the only-begotten, virgin-born Son of God; He lived a sinless life, shed His blood for the sins of all mankind, rose from the grave, ascended into heaven, and will return to the earth. He is the only Mediator and Savior.
  3. The Holy Spirit convicts the unsaved of sin, righteousness and judgment; in believers he effects the new birth, indwells, empowers, instructs and guides.
  4. Salvation is the gift of God offered to man by His grace, and received by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  5. All men will be resurrected in the body; the saved unto life; and the unsaved unto damnation.
  6. Believers have spiritual unity in the Lord Jesus Christ; not in the organized unity sought by ecumenism.
  7. The Bible is the inspired, only infallible, authoritative preserved Word of God.


  1. School mails Application, with $75 fee, to FCPS. They receive an Accreditation Manual detailing the process.
  2. The school appoints a person to be the Accreditation File Builder, who will begin gathering the file Items.  (8 ½” by 11”).
  3. The completed Accreditation File and copies of all published materials (including forms) of the school is sent to FCPS office in Fort Myers, Florida.
  4. After review of the file, with all items present, a site visit will be arranged.
  5. Following the site visit FCPS will notify the school of approval for accreditation; or notify them of additional steps necessary for approval.

For new schools:

For more info concerning Florida Department of Education and private schools, visit www.floridaschoolchoice.org. Follow the links on the site.

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