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Apply For Accreditation

The Accreditation Process

  1. Florida Council of Private Schools accreditation is a yearly accreditation and FCPS may choose not to renew the accreditation at any time without cause.
  2. School completes the following online Application and submits $75 Application Fee.
  3. Download the Accreditation Manual »
  4. Appoint your Accreditation File Builder to start compiling the 31 necessary items (8 1/2 X 11”)
  5. The completed Accreditation File and copies of all published materials (including forms) of the school is sent to FCPS office, P.O. Box 50294, Fort Myers, Florida, 33994.
  6. After review of the file, with all items present, our office will contact you to schedule a site visit. (Fee $500).
  7. Following the site visit, FCPS will notify the school of approval for accreditation or notify them of additional steps necessary for approval.
  8. Accreditation is on a yearly basis and may be reviewed and/or denied at any time.